CarePath is our proprietary Patient Case Management System.

CarePath is the Senderra Exclusive system that is dynamically designed to support our People to assure that every patient experience is consistent, and as timely as possible. The Patient’s case prescription is routed through a series of stages and planned processes based on the requirements associated with the Patient, Drug, Health Plan and Physician. Definitely utilizing the best of Technology and People.


CarePoints is our Clinical Program overlay to the CarePath system.

CarePoints is designed to verify and validate every clinical step that the patient will travel on their journey while at Senderra and beyond. Our goal is to maximize the patient’s therapeutic outcomes through education and training, while managing any side effects or other adverse events; ultimately working towards the best quality of life for the patient.


CarePlan is our Formulary Management overlay to CarePath system.

CarePlan is designed to help facilitate and measure reduction in specialty drug cost while achieving optimal clinical outcomes. CarePlan provides customized and real time reporting to ensure continuous goal alignment with our payor partners. Our goal is to work with Prescribers and Patients according to the payor medical protocols to ensure that the desired outcomes are met.